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Thank you for visiting our website.  We are currently still under construction, but feel free to sail over to The Forsaken Pirates, Privateers, and Pirate Hunters Blog for additional information and details on our activities.

The Crew's Mission

​As the Forsaken Crew ventures into the history and legends of the Golden Age of Piracy - 1690-1730, we educate by entertaining. 

The Crew

​Who are 'The Forsaken'? Meet the members of our crew and those that follow them.

Ports of Call

In our travels, we have visited various locations to partake in living history events, museum exhibits, and various other adventures.  Here is a list of past and future events.  

​Merritt & Honors

A collection of testimonials, awards and other  exceptional  achievements for our crew. 

Trade and Duty

What was life like for a 'seafaring man'? Take a look into some of the chores, skills and what daily life was like for those who lived during this time. 

Contact Us

Wish to know more about The Forsaken Crew?  Wondering how you can have us attended your next event?  Click below for more details.

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